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Antonini Trasporti VAT number 01076301009

Since 1975 


Who we are...

  Founded as early as 1964​, as Antonini Rolando, sisters and brothers, the Company has become then Antonini Transport in October 1975.

Born as a Company transport construction materials, in the following years, it has diversified its offer.
In the first period, the Company was engaged in the transport of materials, mainly for the Company "Unicem", which later became the "Buzzi - Unicem".

In the time interval next, the basis of the services Offered by Antonini Transport, has expanded with the purchase of the means to the Tractor, which have allowed a greater flexibility of work.

Subsequently, Antonini, Rolando, was accompanied by, Massimo, the son, absorbing the experience of the family Company, he expanded the vision, approaching to a style of work which is more modern and diversified.
With the means the tractor is purchased, we begin to also perform work for Third parties.

The experience of many years at Your service!


Antonini, Massimo and Antonini Rolando

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